Frequently Asked Questions


What are the design goals for mivo?


The easiest bottle to assemble, fill, use and clean. mivo actually comprises only three dishwasher-safe components in everyday use.


mivo eliminates hydrostatic and vacuum pressures, giving your baby complete control of feeding pace just as nature intended.


mivo’s function is to accurately monitor and capture real-world feeding performance just as a Fitbit tracks adult physical activity. Feeding is a newborn’s equivalent of an athletic effort.

Why would I use the Smart Feeder if my baby is doing well?

mivo will automatically capture your baby’s feeding history allowing you to verify adequate nutrition and healthy progress.

What if my baby is generally having difficulty feeding?

mivo is only a means of measuring and recording your baby’s feeding performance It is not a substitute for expert advice. But the feeding data could help you and your advisor more easily understand the causes of any feeding difficulties.

What is the value of mivo to parents of preemies?

By providing a definitive measurement of the baby’s feeding abilities,mivo  can confirm whether the preemie needs special focus on its feeding needs and whether any changes in feeding care are effective.

How does the Smart Feeder support the Paced Feeding method?

The Smart Feeder is designed so that the ergonomics facilitate the comfortable, broadly horizontal positioning of the feeder required for Paced Feeding. The nipple area is large and clear so that it is easy to level the milk with the baby’s lips.

If the baby is being fed and the angle of the feeder indicates forced feeding rather than Paced Feeding then a warning light is turned on.

Why is the Paced Feeding method important to the Smart Feeder?

The Smart Feeder is designed to monitor the baby’s feeding performance. It does this by measuring the flow of milk. The data is only meaningful if the baby is in control of that flow. Paced Feeding is the only feeding method that we are aware of that satisfies this requirement.

Will the Smart Feeder help me consult with my baby's physician?

We make no health claims for mivo. It is not a medical device. However, we are informed by experts that the data yielded by the Smart Feeder could be useful in the examination of feeding issues by medical professionals.


Is the Smart Feeder intended to replace breastfeeding?

No. It is intended to assist with successful breastfeeding
It is clear that the optimal method of feeding a baby in normal circumstances is at the mother’s breast and that maternal milk in a bottle is the next best alternative where circumstances dictate. The intended use of mivo is to provide bottle-feeding mothers with comfort and reassurance as to their baby’s feeding wellness and healthy development.

Is the Smart Feeder useful to mothers who are breastfeeding?

mivo is not normally a better alternative to breast-feeding just as formula is not normally better than mother’s milk. But it is designed to do a better job of assisting breastfeeding mothers than traditional bottles .
mivo uses the bottle feeding technique that has proven to be the most similar to breast-feeding, the Paced Feeding method. The transition between bottle and breast is much less confusing to the baby when Paced Feeding is used. Also, mivo can help you resolve feeding issues by verifying your baby’s feeding performance. Strong performance data will let you know that any causes of difficulties are external to the baby. Weak performance data will allow you and your advisors to gain focus on your baby’s particular challenges.

Why is the Smart Feeder a better bottle for breastfeeding mothers?

We believe that conventional feeding bottles generally inhibit the feeding ability of newborns by overwhelming and confusing the natural skills of babies. The goal of bottle-feeding breast-fed babies should be to enhance and develop the ability to feed naturally, to reinforce nature not compete with it. The Paced Feeding method used by mivo has been shown to do that in our view.

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Who is Thrive?

Thrive is a young company made up of experienced business people realising a dream that started 4 years ago. We learned that babies needed help feeding and that standard bottles had many shortcomings. We realized that we could make bottles simpler, more effective and smarter. mivo is the result.