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Rejection and dejection – the Eureka moment.

It was 2014. We had spent time designing an ergonomic self-paced bottle for premature babies. We knew it would help babies in hospitals. We also though it would resolve a lot of the very obvious frustrations of mothers with standard bottles. Amazon bottle reviews were a great resource. So were the...
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A Fitbit for Babies.

Having come up with the “infant as athlete” insight, it is just one more step to arrive at the thought we need a Fitbit for baby feeding. What if feeding does not go well? Baby is struggling to latch on to mother or visibly uncomfortable or simply failing to feed...
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The Paced Feeding Paradox.

How paradoxical that we ignore nature when using baby bottles described as “natural”. The research shows that Paced Feeding works in the NICU. Plus, mothers who breast-feed use Paced Feeding to mimic natural feeding and avoid nipple confusion when using a bottle. The literature on Paced Feeding efficacy is extensive. It...
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