Having come up with the “infant as athlete” insight, it is just one more step to arrive at the thought we need a Fitbit for baby feeding.

What if feeding does not go well?

Baby is struggling to latch on to mother or visibly uncomfortable or simply failing to feed consistently. Is it time for professional attention or just a modified approach to feeding care and how do we tell the difference? Are the problems temporary, perhaps due to fatigue or illness, or more deeply based? Do we just have a coaching issue (the infant athlete analogy) or is it time for medical attention?

We need to understand our baby’s capability if we are to make good decisions. Capability is our baseline for better understanding and for action. We need to know how fast our baby feeds and its ability to maintain pace. Speed and duration are the fundamentals of feeding performance. What if we could accurately draw a feeding chart for our baby?

Now we have data. We can see the feeding pace, minute by minute. We can see the effect of fatigue. We can see the recovery from fatigue.

Over time, we can also learn about our baby’s optimal meal frequency and size, rate of feeding development, ability to feed at the breast, and response to milk types.